Get the Facts
The Liberty Get the Facts page is dedicated to providing factual information in response to rumors/questions regarding district issues.  The page will be updated as needed throughout the school year to provide the Liberty community with factual information about Liberty's endeavors.  For questions related to the Liberty Get the Facts, please click here

RUMOR/QUESTION - October 11, 2017 - Is Mr. Bogart no longer the Westar principal? Will he be back on Monday?

FACTUAL INFORMATION - Mr. Bogart is still the Westar principal and we anticipate him being at work on Monday after Fall Break.

RUMOR/QUESTION - October 11, 2017 - Is the district going to appeal any of the letter grades that were recently released?

FACTUAL INFORMATION - No. After careful review of the information that was released to the district, we did not find any discrepancies that would warrant an appeal. The letter grades are preliminary at this point and the state board of education has indicated that there may be further modifications and potential changes to the letter grades before they are finalized.